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Warum ich ein verstellbares Gesichtsbett brauche?

» NACHRICHTEN » FAQ » Why i need adjustable facial bed?

Warum ich ein verstellbares Gesichtsbett brauche?


Warum ich ein verstellbares Gesichtsbett brauche?

Your clients will love the comfort and stability of our facial beds and massage tables. Eigentlich, each table is adjustable and extendable to maximize customer experience. We feel that each facial bed and table needs to provide complete customization to suit each unique client. The extending headrests offer a removable pillow for a face opening while the backrests and leg rests give a reclining experience like no other.

With each adjustable facial bed, you’ll get high-density foam padding for extreme comfort, removable arms, and a welded steel sturdy base that promises reliability. You’ll also receive a free matching air-lift technician stool that provides a comfortable backrest so you can stay in the game all day long. Free shipping with each order!

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