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How to Install a Pedicure Chair

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How to Install a Pedicure Chair


How to Install a Pedicure Chair

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If your business relies on being able to give pedicures to clients with minimal difficulties, chances are that your space will benefit from a pedicure chair. When selecting your chair, ask a friend to accompany you on your hunt, as you will be able to test out the different qualities of the chairs together. For instance, if the chair is too low, it will give you back pain to carry out a service, but if the chair is too high, you will not be able to see your clients’ feet properly.

Place your pedicure chair in the most convenient location in your salon or spa. This will usually be against a wall and near an electrical outlet, particularly if the chair comes equipped with electric-powered massagers.

Ensure that the chair is securely balanced on the ground. Though it does not need to be bolted in place, it must not be able to move. If your chair is unplumbed, or without an attached foot basin, this is all you must do to install your pedicure chair. However, if your chair has water jets and requires draining, these utilities need to be connected.

Hire the services of a professional plumber. Inspect your pedicure chair’s warranty to discern whether or not a particular plumbing specialist in your area must be used. Failing to call on the help of a professional plumber when installing your chair may void your warranty.

Inform your plumber of the pedicure spa’s requirements. He will work with your needs to ensure that the foot spa works in the way you require it to. He will hook up the hot and cold water supplies, which is done in a similar way to hooking up a washing machine’s hoses. He will also ensure that the foot basin has a place to drain, and so he may need to drill a hole in the floor to accommodate this requirement.

Place a stool in front of the pedicure chair for your own use. This will allow you to be at the correct height to carry out the service.


  • Drain and clean your plumbed pedicure basins regularly, as this will prevent the spread of infection between your clients. If your pedicure chair requires more electrical power than a standard outlet can provide, hire the services of an electrician.

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